Writing Portfolio

This is the Professional Online Writing Portfolio for Shaun Morgan.

In this writing portfolio is a selection of curated online articles from various websites and industries. 

Travel Mono

Travel Mono is a family friendly travel website providing news, information and opinion pieces for travel, lifestyle and culture content.


November 14th 2017

August 12th 2017

December 28th 2016


December 18th 2017

Mosquito Life

A site dedicated to mosquito control and prevention. With education and technical based articles on mosquito biology, behavior and habitat. 


October 5th 2017

September 15th 2017

Sport 2 Report

Sport 2 Report was a Sports reporting website that no longer operates. A few articles are still available for viewing.

February 2nd 2017

  • How to Play American Football – An Information article on the rules and objectives of American football, in anticipation of the 2017 Superbowl

January 31st 2017

If you would like to discuss this portfolio in more detail; or you would like to collaborate on a future project please contact me at shaun@travelmono