Writer Biography

Traveller, Heathen, Gin Drinker, Fair Weather Mountain Man & Retired Geologist

I have spent the last 20 years traveling the world; unfortunately I forgot to write most of it down.

Never mind; I will just have to do it all again! 

A citizen divided Kingdom of Little Britain, now a resident of the great Republic of Locombia.

Born and bred in the South West of England. Refined and educated the world over.

I been living in the Republic of Colombia with my crazy family since 2013. In true British fashion without speaking a single world of Spanish. OK I exaggerate, I am almost fluent in Spanglish, but I dont like to boast

I love to sample a fine beverages on my travels; and my cuddly physique suggests the food as well. To counteract this institution, I walk, walk and walk some more. Hiking and trekking the hills and mountains of the world is a personal utopia. Its my therapy and my inspiration rolled into one. The route to the well being of my body and mind. 

Work History

I have a long and varied list of past careers – geologist, operations manager, logistics coordinator, bolting technician, Nitrogen Pump Operator, Pipe Fitter, Lamp Post Erector, Carpet Layer, Furniture Shop Assistant, Plant Mechanic, Leakage Inspector and Plumber.

Present Projects

  • I currently work as an editor for the Travel Mono website, which specialises in family friendly travel, news, lifestyle and travel information.
  • In Colombia I manage and curate a small art gallery selling imported European contemporary art.
  • I proofread and edit my wife’s new travel blog.
  • I am the owner/author of a website called Mosquito Life which specialises in mosquito control and prevention.
  • I work as a freelance writer on various projects as required.

Feel free to look me up on Linked-in. It will be great to connect with you.

I am also on twitter and Instagram, although not frequently as I help manage the Travel Mono twitter account.