The Bad Hangover Headache Scale

bad hangover headache scale

The Dreaded Bad Hangover Headache; The Bane of Every Drinkers Existence.

How can such a pleasant pastime, be habitually ruined by such hideosity. The hangover headache really does upset the apple cart, especially after drinking cider.

There are many symptoms of a severe hangover, but the pounding head is the most debilitating. Normally the head needs to settle, before you can clear the other symptoms.

What better way to judge a hangover than on the power of its head splitting.

Bobo-d as formulated a ‘Bad Hangover Headache Scale’

This scale is used throughout the site to grade global alcoholic beverage brands on their ability to induce bad hangover headaches.

This scale is known as the Mushroom Head Scale.


five mushroom heads  5 Mushroom Heads
Often mistaken for brain damage symptoms –
The godfather of all hangovers
four mushroom head   4 Mushroom Heads
The equivalent of a Mike Tyson Left Hook to the Temple. But you will survive.
3 mushroom head   3 Mushroom Heads
Your head is stuck in a vice that is occasionally tigethend. A.K.A “the intermittent throbber”
two mushroom head   2 Mushroom Heads
Feels like wearing a baseball cap that too tight.
one mushroom head   1 Mushroom Head
Feather like symptoms on the cranium. Check your wallet to confirm you were drinking.

What Causes a Hangover Headache?

Answer: Drinking Alcohol.

Well give me a prize for stating the obvious, but the mechanisms are not fully understood.

the following alcohol related outcomes and factors are the suspected drivers for a hangover –

  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal Disruption
  • Reduced Blood Sugar
  • Acetaldehyde Toxicity
  • Congeners (minor chemical constituents)
  • Palpitations
  • Immune Inbalance

All these factors added together = Kaboom five mushroom heads