The Nonsensical Ramblings of a Lost Traveller

I Travel, I Paint, I Drink; Not Necessarily in that Order.

My mission is to document dissolute travel expeditions, both past and present, using the medium of the written word. Giving you Inspiration to do the same.

Note: For marketing purposes ‘Ardent Traveller’, sounds better than ‘Ardent Drinker’.



Putting a lot of effort into bringing you world liquor reviews. A few added travel updates. And some art blabber. All with genuine ardency.

Gin, single malt, red wine and beer enthusiast. Born in in the divided Kingdom of Little Britain, now a citizen of the great Republic of Locombia.

Bringing you answers to all of lifes important questions –

  • How to store your single malt on the equator
  • Which gin best accompanies a hangover
  • How to travel in business class with an inflatable Giraffe
  • Graffiti or French Impressionism?
  • Healthy cigar smoking tips
  • How great was Claude Monets Beard?
  • Weston-Super-Mare or St Tropez?